10 HOT JOBS that can make you rich by 2020


1.    Blockchain Developer

You’ve probably heard of the digital cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. But how much do you know about the underlying technology that makes it possible?

 Man Blockchain technology works as a distributed cryptographic ledger that can make economic and other types of transactions decentralized, faster, and more private.

 It’s all a bit hard to understand, but many experts believe that blockchain technology will eventually be just as world-changing as the Internet.

That’s why professionals who understand how to develop practical services and products with blockchain technology will probably be in high demand well into the future.

2.    Data Analyst

Thanks to computing advances and a cultural shift toward more tracking and measuring, the amount of data that gets collected every year grows by an astonishing amount.

 Organizations of every type now have the ability to gather so much detailed information that it’s becoming more and more difficult for a lot of them to figure out what it all means.

 They need professionals who can not only collect the data they need, but also spot patterns, identify past and current trends, and forecast future probabilities. The median salary for data analysts in May 2017 was $57,261.5

3.    Digital Content Specialist

One of the major cultural revolutions that keeps getting more entrenched is the move toward more dynamic, digital, interactive, and on-demand media.

 Because of digital devices that keep us constantly connected to almost any kind of information or entertainment we want to consume, the need for fresh content that breaks through the noise is never-ending.

 Organizations in every industry are discovering that generating new digital content is becoming a major key to sustaining their effectiveness.

4.    Information Security Analyst

As our modern way of life gets more intertwined with computers and dependent on information technology (IT), we all become more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

 So far, we’ve been lucky that criminal hackers haven’t shut down critical infrastructure on a very large scale or for an extended period of time.

But that day is probably coming unless we have enough  to help the government and essential organizations protect their networks and IT systems.

Cybersecurity is a world-wide issue, and the bad guys keep getting more sophisticated in their attacks. From 2016 to 2026, about 104,000 jobs are expected to open up for information security analysts. In 2016, they earned median yearly pay of $92,600.3

5.    Biomedical Engineer

Professionals in this field are already starting to revolutionize the industry. In fact, biomedical engineering is probably one of the best careers to get into if you want your work to have a positive impact in the years ahead.

 After all, biomedical engineers are involved in all kinds of cutting-edge research and development. For example, many of them get to design things like sophisticated medical devices, artificial organs, bionic body parts, and biological implants.

 About 16,000 jobs are expected to become available in this field

6.    Smart-Building Technician

With each passing year, more homes, offices, and factories are taking advantage of automation technology to control various building systems such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, and security.

 Everyday appliances like refrigerators are also becoming part of the growing Internet of Things. In the future, smart buildings may dominate entire cities as people embrace the freedom and convenience of automated control and hyper-connected systems.

But we still need qualified people to install, maintain, and repair those systems. So tradespeople such as are starting to become smart-building technicians.

7.    Augmented Reality Developer

Is the real world too boring? Does it need some visual enhancements that provide extra information or entertainment value? Some people think so.

 That’s why they’re developing ways to superimpose digital images and information onto a person’s normal perception of the world using special glasses, bionic contact lenses, or other technologies. Augmented reality could eventually have a major impact on everyone’s personal and professional lives since it will probably touch every industry, event, and public space.

So augmented reality developers are needed to intelligently design and plan the safe and effective use of this technology.

8.    Robotics Service Technician

In the decades to come, almost every home could have sophisticated robots that assist with routine housework such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and lawn maintenance.

 But those robots probably won’t always work as they should. So skilled technicians may be needed to repair or reprogram the robots that get hacked, go haywire, or cease to function.

 In fact, robot technicians may eventually become just as commonplace.

9.    Nanotech Engineer

By manipulating matter at the level of atoms or molecules, it has become possible to imagine and develop a wide range of new innovations.

For example, many people in this field envision a future in which self-replicating nanostructures are used in construction and nano-robots are put into the human body to assist the immune system and cure diseases.

Nanoscale technologies are already being used to create advanced materials, and they’re being incorporated into some electronics and consumer products (like clothing).

As this technology matures, nanotech engineers will need to ensure that their creations don’t pose a risk to the environment or human health.

10. Genetic Engineer

The idea of custom-designed and made-to-order babies may make a lot of us feel squeamish right now, but people’s attitudes could change as genetic engineering matures and more companies begin to commercialize the resulting technology.

 Besides, advances in this field may also lead to cures for some of our most challenging diseases as well as treatments that slow or even stop the aging process.

 It will be up to governments to decide how to regulate an industry that will benefit from a lot of pent-up demand.



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