Top 10 Side effects of vaping without nicotine


Top 10 Side Effects of Vaping are :

1.Receding gums

Too much vaping and your teeth will start to look like shit.

Cells of the gums will absorb the negative chemicals and slowly your gums and teeth will start to degenerate.

Ha Ha Ha people will make fun of you and say why don’t you brush your teeth kid.

2.Irritation of Mouth and Lungs

Slowly but surely irritation and mouth and lungs will start to happen and then you will regret your decision of starting vaping because the people say it is safe.

Listen Here’s a secret :

They are paid to tell it is safe by the companies making vaping products.

Again you are becoming the victim of false advertising.

3.Toxicity to our body’s cells

The vapours are not from some natural fruit or vegetable that your body will be nourished from.

This vapes are made from man made synthetic chemicals and flavours that are addictive in nature

So, that you keep on buying them.

4.Hard to notice small negative effect on lung function

You will think that my lungs are safe because I am not smoking any weed or ciggarete or something

arete or something.The chemicals in vape are slow affecting that doesn’t mean it is fullproof same ,

HECk even medicines have sideeffects because our body is made to only absorb good natural sustances like fruits and vegetables.

5.A significant increase in blood pressure

6. Potentially harmful flavoring chemicals found in vape fluids

7.Dry mouth

8.Persistent sore throat

9.Toothache or mouth pain

10.Chronic coughing


Here’s a video containing more sideeffects of vaping:


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